[quote user="BobbyD"][quote user="THE_New_York_Giants"][quote user="BobbyD"]The last time we played you guys, we owned you. Now, you guys reel off some lucky W's and you are Gods Gift to Football? Wow, Giants fans are reaching Texans fans level of ****iness and stupidity. FAST![/quote]

what is that?[/quote]Historicially, we have owned you yet you Giant fans talk so much ish. You guys are almost as dumb as the ringless Pukeston Texans fans and thats saying alot.[/quote]

So you are making fun of the Texans for not having a ring and they will be in their 10th year next year, yet the Titans are going into their 42nd year in the NFL next year yet they do not have a ring either. Nice.