[quote user="BobbyD"][quote user="GMenNY21"][quote user="BobbyD"][quote user="Itlan"]I highly doubt anyone who is a Giants fan would go to a Titans board.

1. You're completely irrelevant. Sorry, but you are. Are you in the playoffs? The super bowl? We're focused on the Pats, not your sorry team.
2. You play in the AFC. Why would we care about ANY team in the AFC unless it's a head-to-head match-up? There's no rivalries, no one cares.
3. You have NO rings. 3 > 0 sorry. Soon to be a 4th.

And if you really think the Titans are a better team, or the AFC South is a tougher division.. I really don't know what to tell you.

Assuming he's a troll, I'm done talking to him, and I suggest the rest of you take this approach.[/quote]Puhlease explain to me, how we are irrelevant? And we just had a rough year, this year. The media had high expectations for us as did the fans, but injuries got to us. We'll be healthy next year and primed for a playoff run, assuming Luck is a dissapointment for thr Colts.[/quote]sure u guys make the playoffs once in a while, BUT u guys don't make any noise.. at all... IRRELEVANT[/quote]So that makes every team in your division (outside of Giants in 08) irrelevant?[/quote]
ummm the division has won 11 super bowls combines as compared to your divisions 1. There are usually 2 teams from the NFCE in the playoffs.... I could go on.