This is interesting on a couple levels.

First off, the Titans... are not even a rival team of the Giants. I can expect jealousy and anger coming from Dallas, Philly, Washington... even SF, GB, or ATL (since they were in the playoffs and were knocked off by us on the way to Indy). But Titans?


Here's my take on it. First off, BobbyD is probably 11 years old. In his mind, perhaps, the Giants and Titans are rivals because of the names of our teams. You know, the kind of rivalry you'd expect in a comic book - except its in the NFL.



They both describe the same kind of phenomenon - large hulking beings.


Bobby, the Giants have had reasonable Super Bowl success and have been in the league since forever. We had one of the most exciting runs to the Super Bowl less than 5 years ago as we dethroned an "unbeatable" Patriots team.

You will probably say "IT WAS ALL LUCK", but hey, like Thomas Jefferson said - "The harder I work, the luckier I get."

The Titans have nothing. You may have beaten us a couple times in the past - but it doesn't really matter when your team isn't even a playoff contender. The Redskins beat us twice this year, badly. Does it mean they are a better team?


So, sorry about your team's hardships - being a fan of a team most consider to be an "afterthought" must be difficult.

Good night Bobby.