[quote user="TroyArcher"][quote user="BobbyD"][quote user="GmenFan1980"][quote user="BobbyD"][quote user="DragonSoul"][quote user="BobbyD"][quote user="DragonSoul"][quote user="BobbyD"]The last time we played you guys, we owned you. Now, you guys reel off some lucky W's and you are Gods Gift to Football? Wow, Giants fans are reaching Texans fans level of ****iness and stupidity. FAST![/quote]Titans are still in the league? How about you do some research to figure out how good our team is and why they are playing much better! Most NYG Fans are optimistically positive, but are not over the top, or think we are the best atm.[/quote] You have an easy division. The Redskins and Eagles are irrelevant and the Cowboys always melt down. We, on the otherhand, had to deal with the best Quarterback ever for a decade.[/quote]LOL seriously? You guys are almost as bad as the WEST divisions. The only time we have lost to you is when there was no reason to get up and play the game vs your titans. Look at how we played seattle, and the skins. Games that have no meaning we don't come to play. How about you meet us when you are actually worthy of talking about, then see how you play us. Even Ryan Kerrigan today said the last game the skins played us, it felt as if the Giants were not up for the game. So why waste our energy on garbage? Enjoy the HISTORICAL TITANS next year.[/quote]I want to see the Giants play, at the warzone and face our D. Coach Munch would blitz all game and Finnegan, Morgz and C-Mac would kick the ish out of Eli and give him a good ole fashion country beatdown. He can ask his brother Peyton, about how good our D is. We injured him further.[/quote] It's a good thing the colts apparently don't need peyton to beat your team though. lol. Why are you so angry towards us anyway?[/quote]Giants fans kept coming on our MB, and talking ish, so I'm returning the favor I used to think Giants fans had class and that they were the exact opposite of idiot Jaguars fans and Texans fans but boy was I wrong.[/quote] There is no way even one Giant fan would waste one second on the Titans MB, why bother, your team insignificant.[/quote]</P>

Yeah really, why would any Giants fan go to the Titans page now? We didn't even play them this year. </P>