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Thread: Titans >Giants

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    Re: Titans >Giants

    [quote user="BobbyD"][quote user="THE_New_York_Giants"][quote user="BobbyD"][quote user="giantyankee1976"]If it wasn't for the city of Houston and their World-Class Oilers, there'd be no Team repping the Music City...

    Are all Titans fans so rude, delusional, arrogant and ignorant of History?

    (Bet your favorite NFC team is the eagles)
    [/quote]I'm none of those things though, outside of my first two posts, I think ive been classy. Oh and my fav nfc team is the Cowboys since we have mutual enemies in the Giants and Texans.[/quote]
    how are the giants an enemy of the titans. I don't think I've ever given a crap about the titans. If we lose to the titans i think "crap we lost" and move on. The titans are just there.[/quote]Your fans came to our stadium a few years back, acting like savages. And they were all fat pigs. They started fights and just were unclassy. Hated you ever since. If its a consolation, they werent as bad as Jaguar or Texans fans. Also, I hated Tiki Barber for his little stunt. And I hated Strahan as well. I understand why a lot of peolple hate the Titans, since we get a lot of media attention but we at least have good character players[/quote]Kenny Britt is not a high character player. FACT.

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    Re: Titans >Giants

    LMAO this thread is hilarious!

    Who the **** are the Titans? Are they some Arena League team or something? I've never heard of these guys before.

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    Re: Titans >Giants

    [quote user="zigwontdieNYG"]PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE TROLL[/quote]

    I thought trolls were supposed to make people mad, not make people laugh?

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    Re: Titans >Giants

    So what if Peyton's coming? Let him lead your team to early playoff exits as he has many times before...

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    Re: Titans >Giants

    Oh, the Titans still play? I thought they got contracted due to lack of interest.
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    Re: Titans >Giants

    What is going on, didn't I just watch the Giants win a Super Bowl? Where the Titans there?

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    Re: Titans >Giants

    [quote user="BobbyD"]Looks like Peyton Manning is coming

    Told ya[/quote]

    As if we care, even just a tiny bit, about your irrelevant Arena team...
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    Re: Titans >Giants

    Those Titans, oh thought it was a Jets fan.

    Yes the Titans owned the NYG 3 years ago- that was the dirtiest game I have ever seen. The Gmen lost their cool with the late hits and constant pushing and shoving after the whistle. Jeff Fisher was the coach and on the competition committee and he threatened the refs with that title- if you can recall several calls were highly questionable after Fisher went after the refs. Wonder what that sounded like on the parabolic mike?

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    Re: Titans >Giants


    this needs to be thread of the year.

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    Re: Titans >Giants

    [quote user="BobbyD"]The last time we played you guys, we owned you. Now, you guys reel off some lucky W's and you are Gods Gift to Football? Wow, Giants fans are reaching Texans fans level of ****iness and stupidity. FAST![/quote]

    Smoke Much ? Until this post, I thought the Titans left for the Arena Football League.

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