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    The Great Secondarys Are Always Mean And Sour.

    I like Antrel Rolle and he is always pissed off which is a good sign. The best Secondary are stingy and take it personally when a receiver trots to their side of the field let alone catch a pass. If you look at the pics of opponents catching balls you will see Webster and the rest of the Secondary flying in to take their heads off with a crushing blow. I truly expect the Giants to knock a Patriot out of the game. I'm not wishing permanent injury on anyone, but a good secondary's instills fear in receivers thereby getting in their head and making them drop balls or pass up catches because they know whats coming. Ronnie Lott played with a crushed finger which he later had amputated. The stinginess has to be in the heart.

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    Re: The Great Secondarys Are Always Mean And Sour.

    Webster, Ross, and Kenny Phillips hardly seem like the mean sour type in persona.

    Shoot, Revis and Nnamdi are pretty quiet.

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