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Thread: xLvl jersey

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    xLvl jersey

    seen online line jersey saying sb46 bound are they the ones the giants are going to be wearing. and if so the blue ones or the white ones .

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    Re: xLvl jersey

    They are wearing there white jerseys with the Super bowl 46 logo patch on it.

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    Re: xLvl jersey

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    Re: xLvl jersey

    dang i ordered a blue one .
    i hope i ca return it

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    Re: xLvl jersey

    [quote user="giants-rule-in-pa"]dang i ordered a blue one .
    i hope i ca return it[/quote]

    Where did you even get the chance to order a blue one? nflshop just has the white. Or did you get one of those "superbowl bound" ones?

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    Re: xLvl jersey

    it is a sb bound ones i got off the giants store .

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