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    Re-Watched the Game From Week 9 - Notes & Thoughts

    [quote user="kkr"]>Why the New York Football Giants will beat the Green Bay Packers
    >Re-watched the 49er game from earlier in the season - Notes & Thoughts[/quote]

    Ok long post but stick with it.

    So i watched the game against New England from week 9 this season and took some notes to point out for discussion purposes.

    Personnel differences between week 9 and now:
    Players of note missing from the week 9 game for the Giants - Nicks, Bradshaw, Baas, Hynoski, Amukamara.

    Devin Thomas was returning kicks. Ross punts.

    Will Beatty was starting at LT prior to hitting IR, with Diehl at LG and Boothe at C replacing the inactive David Baas.

    Jake Ballard was 100% healthy and made some big plays, dropped a couple also but they would have been tough and came early in the game. Will he be 100% the weekend? Hopefully near that level.

    In week 9 the PATs had Andre Carter (IR), Josh Barrett (although he limped out in the last 2 mins) and Albert Haynesworth (cut after the game).

    Brett Lockett (IR) was in there on Nickel packages, now replaced for the most part by Julian Edleman.

    Gronk was 100%.

    Game Notes:
    The game was 0-0 at HT and what helped us shut them out was good field position acquired from the punting of Weatherford and even more so the coverage units doing their job very well against the PATs, perhaps some insider knowledge by Larry Izzo paying off?

    Whatever it was special teams performed admirably during this game for the most part. Ross and Thomas let the unit down though with a fumble on a punt and kick off respectively. Thomas recovered the ball he muffed on the kickoff at the 10. Ross lost the ball and the PATs turned it into 3 points.

    No call on a helmet to helmet by Wilfork who for the most part was doubled on 3rd down and held in check. He will be more of a handful this time for sure, he has elevated his play immensely.

    Ramses Barden played his first game back since being activated off PUP.
    He was targeted early but didnt make any plays. Few nice catches later

    Travis Beckum did not see the field at all, i think he could be utilised more in the Super Bowl, especially on 3rd down. Has seen 2-4 balls a game in the playoffs and been used more to move the chains. Bet he is targeted in the green zone, especially with all the attention Cruz and Nicks will get.

    Both teams ran a lot of man coverage last time, don't expect this to change in the Super Bowl.

    No Nicks resulted in checkdowns to Jacobs which are never as dangerous as when doing the same with Bradshaw.

    PATs offense is all about mismatches, they want their backs and TE's in space against the LBers and Safeties, they arent going to challenge you deep down field all that often. I think they will essentially try and cause us problems matching up our defense to their offensive personnel. That is what they are all about.

    Deon Grant was superb the first game, picked one pass, should have had another, it was easy too. Covered the TE's well and made plays against the run also.

    We ran the Nickel D most of the game, be interesting to see if we do the same again how the PATs might try and run on us more.

    Both teams had 10 points off turnovers.

    Interesting set of events from 08:19 left in the 3rd. Ross fumble/muffed punt recovered by PATs, Webster should have picked Brady the very next throw deep to Chad but ultimately PATs got 3. On kickoff Devin Thomas fumble/muffed kick, but recovered at the 10, 3 and out followed. We punt and force Edleman to fumble and recover. A few plays later Eli hits Michael Clayton in the back of the endzone but he cant keep his feet in bounds when he should have made that play. Delay of game followed and then a bad throw to Manningham was picked off by Arrington who was covering Ballard in the flat but due to the condensed space was able to break off from that to make a leaping pick, nice play on the ball. Manningham had beat his man. Led to 7 points for the PATs,

    4:04 left in 3rd quarter PATs were 1/9 (11%) on 3rd down, then went 4/6 (66%) and finished 5/15, 33%. No Nicks and Bradshaw meant we converted only 4/14 on 3rd down, 28%.

    Osi played more at RE than JPP. Matt Light held Osi in check mostly.

    Rolle was on Welker for the most part and Welker had a big day.

    Eli had under 50% completions and less than 200 yards through to 06:30 in the 4th, then got hot for the comeback. Standard.

    No TD's for PATs until 4th Q. Unsportsmanlike call on Mario after the 17-13 go ahead score. PATs got the ball at the 36 and drove down to the green zone with less than 2:00 to play. !st 10 run for 1 yard, 2nd 9 at NYG 14 incomplete to Gronk, 3rd 9 incomplete to Gronk, 4th and 9 Gronk pushes off Boley in the endzone, no flag, TD. PATs lead 20-17.

    Giants then go 80 yards in 1:36 to win the game picking on Tracy White in for Brandon Spikes with the huge throw to Ballard and then Sergio Brown in for Josh Barrett with the pass interferance in the endzone on a nice deep ball the Cruz would have been able to make a play on, ignore Aikmans commentary, ****ing hater!

    Winning TD was White in man coverage on Ballard also.

    Additional Notes:
    Benjarvus Green-Ellis has never fumbled. Not even at college.

    PATS are on a 10 game win streak which sound great and indeed is great but lets analyse the teams, qbs and offenses they have faced:

    8-8 - Jets - Mark Sanchez
    - Total Offense = 25th (21st passing, 22nd rushing), 23.6PPG = 13th

    7-9 - Chiefs - Tyler Palko
    - Total Offense = 27th (25th passing, 15th rushing), 13.2PPG = 31st

    8-8 - Philli - Vince Young
    - Total Offense = 4th (09th passing, 05th rushing), 24.8PPG = 8th

    2-14 - Indi - Dan Orlovsky
    - Total Offense = 30th (27th passing, 26th rushing), 15.2PPG = 28th
    5-11 - Skins - Rex Grossman
    - Total Offense = 16th (14th passing, 25th rushing), 18.0PPG = 26th

    8-8 - Denver - Tim Tebow
    - Total Offense = 23rd (31st passing, 01st rushing), 19.3PPG = 25th

    6-10 - Miami - Matt Moore
    - Total Offense = 22nd (23rd passing, 11th rushing), 20.6PPG = 20th

    6-10 - Buffalo - Ryan Fitzpatrick
    - Total Offense = 14th (15th passing, 13th rushing), 23.2PPG = 14th

    8-8 - Denver - Tim Tebow
    - Total Offense = 23rd (31st passing, 01st rushing), 19.3PPG = 25th

    12-4 - Baltimore - Joe Flacco
    - Total Offense = 15th (19th passing, 10th rushing), 23.6PPG = 12th

    Pats D = 31st in yards allowed a game (411.1), 31st against the pass (293.9) and 17th against the run (117.1). 15th in points given up(21.4).

    8-8 - Jets - Total Defense = 05th (05th passing, 13th rushing), 22.7PPG = 20th, PATS score 37

    7-9 - Chiefs - Total Defense = 11th (06th passing, 26th rushing), 21.1PPG = 12th, PATS score 34

    8-8 - Philli - Total Defense = 08th (10th passing, 16th rushing), 20.5PPG = 10th, PATS score 38

    2-14 - Indi
    - Total Defense= 25th (15th passing, 29th rushing), 26.9PPG = 28th, PATS score 31

    5-11 - Skins - Total Defense = 13th (12th passing, 18th rushing), 22.9PPG = 21st, PATS score 34

    8-8 - Denver - Total Defense = 20th (18th passing, 22nd rushing), 24.4PPG = 24th, PATS score 41

    6-10 - Miami - Total Defense= 15th (25th passing, 03rd rushing), 19.6PPG = 06th, PATS score 27

    6-10 - Buffalo
    - Total Defense = 26th (29th passing, 28th rushing), 27.1PPG = 30th, PATS score 49

    8-8 - Denver - Total Defense = 20th (18th passing, 22nd rushing), 24.4PPG = 24th, PATS score 45

    12-4 - Ravens
    - Total Defense = 03rd (04th passing, 02nd rushing),16.6PPG = 03rd, PATS score 23

    Against teams that are top 10 in points surrendered the PATs have put up a maximum of 27 points. Ours was 25th (25ppg) and we held them to 20. Press man coverage is a key element to slowing this team down.

    The only team with a winning record that the PATs have beaten this year is the Ravens.

    The only team with a top 5 passing offense that they have played all year is the New York Football Giants without their staring WR, C, FB and RB. We still won the game. First time Brady had lost at home in NE in 31 games.

    That being said there has clearly been a significant improvement on defense for that team, starting right up front with Wilfork and Anderson. To be fair to the PATs also, they can only beat what is put in front of them and they have done that admirably.

    What has been put in front of us the past 5 games is the 13th, 15th, 7th, 01st and 11th best offenses in the league in terms of points per game. We have held those teams to 14, 14, 0, 20 and 17 points on offense which is 65 points (67 including the safety against Atlanta). That is an average of 13ppg.

    This defense is healthy and playing to its full potential. For what its worth i think it was near this level in week 9 also when we held the PATs to 20 points. Welker and Gronk had huge days though.

    This game is going to come down to the pressure on Brady, the scheming of Belichick in all 3 phases and how we deal with anything new thrown at us. If Eli gets time he will carve them up.

    Controlling Wilfork will be huge and we will need Mario, Bradshaw, Hyno, Beckum to all make plays on 3rd down and check downs also. Those guys will be key to moving the chains and putting us in manageable 3rd downs.

    Hopefully we can get some big plays from Nicks, Cruz and the running game but i expect our top receivers to see a lot of attention. I expect Gronk to be 100% but if he is any way limited then that will be huge for us. I think if Vollmer is healthy then they will have him in the line and Solder in at TE also to perhaps try and run it down our throats and keep one of our ends on the sideline.

    It wont be easy but i like our chances. I wonder if we come our running 3 wide often and early? Too many scenarios to ponder and debate, is it Sunday yet!?

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    Re: Re-Watched the Game From Week 9 - Notes & Thoughts

    Great post and thanks for doing the homework on it. Interesting in that drive in which NE scored their final TD, they went to Gronk 3 times in a row near the end zone.

    You mentioned something about Beckum being an option in the green zone if Nicks are Cruz are blanketed. If it comes to Beckum being our target in the green zone, then we're dead.

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    Re: Re-Watched the Game From Week 9 - Notes & Thoughts

    I rewatched it also. We should have blown them out.
    Emperor Tom

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    Re: Re-Watched the Game From Week 9 - Notes & Thoughts

    I was at the week 9 game and I never saw the gronk push off till I saw it on the replay the other day. With Nicks and bradshaw this time it puts us at 100%. That scoreless first half showed our D's ability against this offense but we must stay stout in ST's to ensure field position. I think that beckum could add some important first downs. Everyones talking about our pass rush but more importantly we need to stop the run first than worry about the pass. We make them 1 dimentional and we win!

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    Re: Re-Watched the Game From Week 9 - Notes & Thoughts

    I have not rewatched the game at all but a few things I remember from the game...

    First , I remember have Brady really off his game almost the entire time. I am not sure I have ever seen Brady so discouraged/frustrated than I did in that game. This was caused from pressure upfront, good coverage downfield and a few miscommunications with receivers especially ochostinko.

    Eli made a very costly interception I believe in the 3rd quarter. He got a little sloppy/lazy on the all out blitz and lofted a ball to the endzone which did not get deep enough in the corner and instead of being 7 points it was 1st and 10 for the pats going the other way. Can't afford mistakes like this.

    The pats got two very big pass interference penalties which resulted in big yardage on both and one put us at the goal line which then led to the game winning touchdown. I know we were without nicks and bradshaw but the offense played very mediocre to me.

    Eli's TD pass to Manningham was beautiful. A perfectly thrown ball in the corner.

    Ballard had a huge catch down the seem. I think this was on the final drive. One of the best catches for the Giants all season.

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    Re: Re-Watched the Game From Week 9 - Notes & Thoughts

    game will be on again tonight.

    Twitter Account! https://twitter.com/DragonSoul

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    Re: Re-Watched the Game From Week 9 - Notes & Thoughts

    [quote user="JJC7301"]

    Great post and thanks for doing the homework on it. Interesting in that drive in which NE scored their final TD, they went to Gronk 3 times in a row near the end zone.

    You mentioned something about Beckum being an option in the green zone if Nicks are Cruz are blanketed. If it comes to Beckum being our target in the green zone, then we're dead.[/quote]

    I just have a feeling he could find a hole a bit like Bear did against the 49ers. I dont think it will come down to him being the main target down there but i think he has the legs on the PATs linebackers to get open quickly and find space in the green zone to get a ball. Just a hunch more than anything, similar to Tyree getting the TD in XLII and Bear against the 49ers.

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    Re: Re-Watched the Game From Week 9 - Notes & Thoughts

    kkr, I just re-read your analysis on the GB and SF games that you linked too, and damn, you're good. I'm glad that you seem to pick us in a close one in this one because you were right about the last 2 games as well.

    Looking at the regular season games against GB and SF, and they just saw 2 different Giants teams...just night and day. And we still almost beat them in those games. And considering that we beat NE in NE when we were without Nicks, Bradshaw, Osi, and Tuck playing injured, and KP leaving the game...I just can't see us losing this game.

    I know that every game is different and it just takes one blown play or bounce of the ball for everything to go bad, and I'm not discounting NE at all, but now that we're healthier I just feel strongly that we're going to win this one pretty handily. This playoff Giants team is just on such a higher level than the regular season Giants.

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    Re: Re-Watched the Game From Week 9 - Notes & Thoughts

    Yeah, the teams have changed but the Giants have changed for the better and the Patriots a little for the worse. The Giants just have to play smart, realise Welker will get his yards, Brady will be up over 250 yards, but just don't screw up. The Giants offense can score enough to take care of those things and will win it in the late 3rd quarter (Yes I'm thinking Giants by 10).

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    Re: Re-Watched the Game From Week 9 - Notes & Thoughts

    I watched it. I was most interested in seeing what personel groupings each team used.

    Against the Pats stardard 2TE 2 WR 1RB set the Giants used 3 Safeties (Grant replacing Blackburn). They had there big DTs playing inside not DEs except on passing downs.

    I think a big key to the game is can the Pats run the ball enough to force the Giants to play Joseph and Bernard instead of your DEs inside. Tuck played most of the game at DT in the SB Pats couldn't make them pay for it with Moroney's horrible running.

    A big key in the AFFCG was that BJGE ran well enough against there 2-4-5 D. Especially when they tried to rest Ngata forcing him to play the whole game limiting his effectiveness.

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