[quote user="billsfan365"]Please show up in force at the Super Bowl. The Patriots must lose this game. Tom Brady is now ripping my city, and my team, and my hatred for the Patriots is even more intense than in 2007. I find myself in a similar situation. The third time in my life I've been a huge Giants fan. (07, this year regular season, and ow the Bowl.)

I know we are looked down on, but I'm pretty sure the fans of most other teams would agree with me.

We need you guys to win. Your fans need to be awesome. Say a prayer, be loud at the game, be superstitious. Do anything that could possibly help the Giants win this game.

Believe me, we'll be doing it with you guys.

LET'S GO GIANTS[/quote] I live right down the road in Rochester and know for a fact that Buffalo has a lot to offer! History WILL repeat itself! NUFF SAID!!!! ALL IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!