[quote user="Bread"][quote user="TroyArcher"][quote user="Bread"][quote user="billsfan365"]Tom Brady is now ripping my city.[/quote]

I know how that feels. The Giants Idiot Punter sure does have a big mouth.[/quote]

And he also has a big SB ring.[/quote]

So does Ray Lewis. So does LT. So does Plaxico Burress. So does Brett Favre. So does Marvin Harrison. So does Santonio Holmes. So does Big Ben. So does James Harrison. So does Michael Irvin. I think Ryan Leaf got one as a Bucs backup.

What do all of those guys have common?[/quote]

I am not sure of your issue with Weatherford but he seems like a good guy to me. The guy did a great job punting and he helped the Giants win another SB. I am not sure you could compare anything Weatherford may have said to what Vick did and yet I am sure you are a big Vick fan.