[quote user="Welka_fan"]Different site, same idiots. This looks just like the Ravens board a week ago. Newsflash boys: Pats are gonna light you up on Sunday. "Pats have only beat 1 team with a winning record". You really doubting BB/Brady, who've broken almost every W-L record out there with very similar..actually worse teams (09? 10?), in their ability to win a game against a team with a winning record? <FONT color=#0000ff size=6>STFU</FONT>. FWIW, the pats only had one more opportunity to do so this year--against the steelers. If we had beat the giants during the year..they, like most of the 8-8 teams we beat, wouldn't have ended with a winning record. Really dumb argument. We were the best team in the AFC. We went head to head with the consensus contendor, and beat them. Can you say the Giants were really the best team in the NFC? You can thank the lions for failing to get the 5 seed cause if your first game was @ the Saints...LOL. They embarassed you in the first game and would have definitely sent you packing. But that's cool, I personally am much happier to be dealing with the giants then the saints, too. Beyond your pass rush, your defense isn't anything to write home about...and in this situation, with taht extra week to prepare and all the experience playing against it, I have 0 doubt Belichick will render it useless. But, keep talkin' crap. Please, let your idiot players continue to talk as well. If Brady and Belichick have proven anything over their careers, is that they respond very well to that. Bring brady out in F-U mode...and good luck. He'll show the world why that while Eli is fantastic (top 5), brady is on his own level (G.O.A.T)[/quote]