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Thread: Delusional Jets Fans

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    Re: Delusional Jets Fans

    They need 2 Mannings'

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    Re: Delusional Jets Fans

    I think Peyton goes to Miami. Jets are not ready to give up on Sanchez, nor are the niners on Smith.

    That said, either the Jets or Miami would ensure that there is an almost 0 chance of Peyton having to play Eli for the next 3 years.

    As for the poor Jets fan... So we've "lucked" 2 super bowls in 4 years, and he is looking forward to... a preseason game?

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    Re: Delusional Jets Fans

    [quote user="AngryAZN"]The word on the street is...

    1) Peyton will go to the Jets this year and try to play and mentor Sanchez; then

    2) in 2013, he will replace Rex as the Coach.[/quote]

    Sesame Street?

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