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    Virginia HATES the Pats

    Here I am living midway between DC and Richmond and am AMAZED at the pro- Giants sentiments addressed to me.
    My car is all adorned with Giant pennants etc as I am with shirts and caps .
    These are a sampling of thoughts addressed to me the last few days :
    I hope you guys kick Pretty Boy's ***
    Beat the Pats good
    Hope Eli throws 5 TDs
    Leave Brady's teeth on the ground
    Hope Belicheck leaves the field in tears .........

    LOVE IT !!!!! Couldn't be better if I was back in Brooklyn !

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    Re: Virginia HATES the Pats

    I live in north VA , redskins fans never give me a problem, they probably have nothing to say having such bad records every year.

    now when i lived in south jersey i heard egal fans all the time yapping off at the mouth. maybe dc area has more class than philly or dallas fans. who knows.
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    Re: Virginia HATES the Pats

    Looks like midway between DC and Richmond is....


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    Re: Virginia HATES the Pats

    Yeah, I live in Northern Virginia too, and I have my car flags on and see people waving and other cars beeping. I also get a lot of conversation when I' wearing my NFC Championship hat at work with the customers. People hate the Patriots. A little annoying with all the random bandwagoner Giants fans that are all of a sudden showing their faces.

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    Re: Virginia HATES the Pats

    I was born in Richmond and need to go back and visit family. Miss the area.

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    Re: Virginia HATES the Pats

    I lived down in VA for 4 years and I never got into any problems with Redskin fans. I was at a Buffallo Wild Wings and was ready to crack a bottle over this Eagle fan's head though. One of the waiters had to tell us to calm down. Good times!

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    Re: Virginia HATES the Pats

    I never hear anything bad about 'skins fans. But then again, I never heard anything bad about 49er fans until this year, and they are horrible.

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    Re: Virginia HATES the Pats

    frednecksburg or quantico Semper fi

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    Re: Virginia HATES the Pats

    F- burg :-)

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    Re: Virginia HATES the Pats

    I live in Richmond and I can definitely say that RVA is ALL IN!!

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