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    Quote Originally Posted by bigblue58 View Post
    Just keep using that pitching carousel Collins, it's working really well!
    Great idea.....scheduled "set up men" and "closers".....wonder why they didn't think of that back in the day? Oh yeah....because its ****ing stupid!!!
    Retired pitchers, HOF pitchers, all say to a man, that the attempt to "protect" a pitcher from injury by limiting their pitches is having the opposite effect.
    Taking out a pitcher who is not in any trouble is just dumb!!
    Taking out the reliever whois not in trouble, who is pitching for the starter who wasn't in trouble is beyond dumb!!!!!!
    Not for nothing, and I am just as frustrated as anyone here, but I don't know how you can blame this on Collins. He isn't one of the starters that can barely go 5 innings. He isn't one of the relievers that are throwing BP.

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    And Collins can't help the non-contributions of Reyes and Grandy, who aren't even hitting their own weight, and Cespedes, D'arnaud, and Duda who have played less than half the games.... and Lugo, and Matz, and Thor, and a sensitive mental midget in Harvey.

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    It is getting to the point that I want us to get no-hit.....often. But, every time I look up the score, there is usually that "one" hit around the 5th or 6th inning.....usually by one of the Rivera's!

    Wheeler lasting just 6 innings has to up that to at least 7 but he needs to stop walking batters. Collins had no choice to pull him last night but I don't absolve him and his poor using of the pitchers in general.

    How does Robles still have a job???

    We need to crater more for change to be brought about, the Mets aren't bad enough yet to make that happen. We have around five position players that have no business being a starter, time to bring up the kids, sell this Summer and rebuild a better offense........players hitting for average and a small-ball mentality.

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    This team blows. I almost want to go tomorrow night A) to see Mike Trout play in person and B) to boo this team mercilessly when they trot out onto the field.

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    I'm officially in the "I don't care" mode. The Mets aren't 1 or 2 pitchers away from being competitive. They're 4 or 5.

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