No smack talk here, I just want to wish your squad the best this coming Sunday. I look back on this season and I'm not entirely sure how we took you guys down twice this year (I even went back and looked at the stats and in one of those 2 games Grossman had a lousy stat line). We were able to run it with success but we have more talent then the Pats do in that regard. One other thing, we really should have won the game against the Pats, there was terrible officiating but it worked against both squads. Grossman also lit up the secondary which should be encouraging for Eli's chances as he's clearly light years ahead of what we call our QB.

I really think the Giants are better across the board then this Pats outfit and Eli should be able to hit 400 yards if they open it up (did you know Vince Young had 400 yards against the Pats midseason? Vince Young!) . If Gronkowski doesn't play it really changes the complexion of this game and tilts it even further to your advantage. The fact that you guys didn't have Nicks, Baas, Bradshaw in the earlier Pats matchup has to make you happy going into Sunday. I really think Bradshaw's running style could cause fits for the Pats (at least I'm hoping so). They establish the run and wow, Eli will light the Pats on fire.

Here's to you guys closing out your season in style and capping what's been a great season for Eli. I'll be rooting for the NFC East Sunday (and hoping we can land RG3 in the draft so we can be more competitve next year within the division).

Best of luck and Go Giants!