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    fewell as head coach?

    If giants win and Coughlin retires......and the defense has a big impact on this game....how would you feel about this? I admit i gave up on fewell during this season...liked him last season but i lost it...but he simplified the defense and they improved

    BUT how would you feel, stay in house which is more likely considering the loyalty of the organization and the fact that they just won the superbowl.... I was a big gruden fan and and a lot of people here like Cowher...Maybe they would still go after them but that could mean getting rid of the coaching staff

    Im a big Coughlin fan though..... him staying would not bother me one bit.... although him going off with a bang would be nice

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    Re: fewell as head coach?

    Coughlin has already said that he is not retiring no matter the Super Bowl outcome...plus I heard they are working on a contract extension. By the time coughlin retires, fewell will no longer be in house.

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