[quote user="XxBigWhitxX"][quote user="titwio"][quote user="XxBigWhitxX"]mostly have us taking Alshon Jeffery. That would be SICK. what do you guys think?[/quote]

What mocks you've been reading? I haven't seen 1 that has the Giants taking Jeffery.

All the mocks I've seen have the Giants taking either Hightower, Brown, Burfict, Adams, Allen, Miller etc...Never seen a WR in any of them with the 1st overall and I've read A LOT.[/quote]here you go linky linky[/quote]

That's the first time I've seen that but honestly I'd take Sanu over Jefferey if I had the choice. I'm surprised Charles Davis has the Giants taking Alshon. I wouldn't think WR would be on Reese's radar at 31/32 overall but I could be wrong.