[quote user="bLuereverie"][quote user="BlueSanta"][quote user="lawl"][quote user="slipknottin"][quote user="lawl"]KP is a free agent after next year and Grant is all but gone as well. It's definitely a position I'd like to see addressed

[/quote] KP will be resigned. While its a need, its not a first round sort of need. The safety's in the mid-late rounds are nearly as good as the ones that go early.[/quote]

We need to invest high quality assets(whether it be FA $$ or draft picks) into a OT, TE and a Corner this offseason

The second teir of positionthat needs a decent player added to it is IOL, S, DT, MLB, RB

Atleast thats how I view it as of now.

(Guys that are on our team now and are soon to be FAs could potentially fill some of these holes. For example- Thomas, Goff)


The only position I disagree with you on is RB. I think that is a primary need. If, like me, you agree that there is no way we are going to pay Jacobs $4.5 mil next year, then we will be going into next season with Bradshaw, Ware and Scott.

I do not want to see that happen.

Even Jacbos agrees he won't be coming back at 4.5mil. From latest interviews though, he looks willing to negotiate prior to his March bonus deadline.[/quote]

Its a possibility. I do think he is a team 1st guy. But, there are other factors. If he gets cut, it would allow him to opportunity to go to FA and possibly get a decent contract that would finish out his career. If he takes a pay cut to stay with us, it would have to be somewhat significant as he is vastly overpaid relative to his production. So maybe, its best for him to his FA now, rather than play for a lot less then hit FA at 31. It will be a tough choice for him.

Lets try and look at it without sentiment. Without knowing who he was, and how we all love him for what he has done for us, If I told you we had a guy who was :
- A backup 30 yr old RB coming off his worst year ever.
- A guy who has had a growing number of nagging injuries.
- A guy who has really struggled on short yardage situations, where we need him most.
- A guy who doesnt play special teams.
- A guy who excels when the oline gets him to the 2nd level, rather than his creativeness but that our Oline is in transition recently.
- A guy who isnt a 3rd down back, with mediocre receiving ability.
- A guy who plays a position that happens to be 1 of the deepest in this year's draft.

When I look at it like this, I cannot help but think we are going to part ways. I dont want it to be the case, I like BJ, but it is a position we need to upgrade.