Gonna leave Dulles Airport touching down in Dayton(OHIO) then driving 112 miles to the SuperBowl.

My wife is already there for work-related stuff for the event and she says that (aside from Colts fans) Giants Fans have taken over Peyton's Place. The buildup is intense. This week can't go fast enough and finally it is here. I'll be at the game to see my first SuperBowl. I can only imagine what its gonna be like.

On a side note, I am constantly reminded by Skins fans down here (in Northern VA) that they swept them. SO WHAT! Go back to your d.amn hole!

Well...I can't wait to head out the door this afternoon run into some fans of whatever team. It should be an epic trip and maybe even a more epic trip on the way back if we win.

It's been said many times, but man this game is stressing me out. Make no mistake, I am excited beyond words.