In his latest column, Pats fan Bill Simmons basically admits that no matter what happens Sunday, we still own NE's soul for what happened in 08'. Either we completely crush your spirit on Sunday, or you get some minor consolation and we lose a super bowl as a 9-7 team that really had no business being there anyway.

My favorite letter:

"Q: I'm sorry, but you can't really believe that a 2012 Patriots Super Bowl win will atone for 2008. As a sports fan, you know that not all championships are equal. The 2008 Super Bowl was the equivalent of someone punching you in the face, stealing your wife and posting an Internet video of them having sex (which your friends occasionally played just to mess with you). You now meet this man in 2012 and are trying to get revenge by keying his new car. Good Luck!
Jesse, Ann Arbor"