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    Giants end zones will not be blue on Sunday...

    Who's brilliant idea was it to have the jets play on Saturday night and the giants at 1pm Sunday..


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    I blame Jerry Jones!
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    Good maybe our offense can find them now. I assume they are all color blind in the blue spectrum and could not see the endzones.
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    **** the jets...
    put the Giants endzone turf in there for their game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GameTime View Post
    **** the jets...
    put the Giants endzone turf in there for their game.
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    That's BS! The jets are a worthless franchise. Put the Giants blue for the entire weekend.
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    They have a hard enough time getting in there anyways

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    I guess now it really will be the green zone.
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    It was the Russians!!!

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    Trump will make sure this doesn't happen again.

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