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Thread: Small rant about some fans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BronxBomberBlue View Post
    Here's the official / unofficial rule: If everyone starts to stand at once during a play, then you're also going to have to stand if you want to see.

    If nobody is standing at that moment except you, then SIT THE **** DOWN!!!!!!!!!!
    This is what I do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Die-Hard View Post

    Yep, probably, but if you were sitting behind me, I'd gladly stay seated, or even swap seats with you if you asked.

    In a more extreme circumstance, I'd even offer to boost you up onto my shoulders for the ultimate view from the top
    Hell, she probably couldn't see over you while you were sitting, lol.

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    I love to stand during the game. So when we got our PSL, we chose seats in the back row of the lower level. They are great. Have a great time and never hear any fans tell us to sit down. If any of you need a seat like this for a game, maybe we could switch seats for a game and see how it is. (assuming you also have good seats) I get the two sides of the coin here, but I don't think I could ask a fan to stop standing just because I want to sit. I feel like people who do that are pretty much asking for a fight. If a guy in front of you stands up, you stand too, that's how live games go. Now if I was 4 ft 9, I might ask politely to switch seats or something, but I certainly wouldn't have any ill will towards the folks that are just excited and want to cheer on their team.

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