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Thread: Stomp them out!

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    Stomp them out!

    In the Immortal words of Michael Strahan we must STOMP THEM OUT!

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    Re: Stomp them out!

    This game is not a given. Being honest with myself, I don't know how they got there but then definitely can win. Discipline and turnovers will be crucial for the Giants.

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    Re: Stomp them out!

    Let's go for two

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    Re: Stomp them out!

    if it wanst coughlin and gilbride, I would have more confidence.
    Giants are better, coaching is NE

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    Re: Stomp them out!

    NE is slowly raking over, it was nice getting here but Giants are not playing like the playoffs

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    Re: Stomp them out!

    they're playing like they're supposed to be given the W. Not the way a stout team plays. Nor is the DC calling a good game yet! To allow them to walk down the field w/o adjusting and getting pressure is unexcusable.

    The Pats aren't the 9ers and we will not win if we play the same scheme we did. Oh well

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