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    G-men fans /G-men if you read this.

    To all the G-men fans that go to the game and help our Giants win as a 12th man thanks. To all misplaced Giant fans that go to bars and watch them on Television. Like me that live in Ohio thanks guys and girls.
    Go all the G-men Players, coaches , owners. I am all in and I want to thank you for a wonderful season. You game me a heart attack at times. But unlike some fans I never gave up on you and I do not think I ever will. I really thought the great surprises was our receiving gang and a big High Five to Cruz what a great player. Eli is the man and he proved everyone wrong. We are in the Superbowl because this team and players would not give up. Like one player said we will not be denied. So again thank you and will be looking forward to another great season next year. Go Big Blue, Defense you guys are great. Some people say you cannot beat a team three times. If i am not mistaken we did it to the Cowboys. Lets do it again to the pats. Go luck, course our team does not need luck . Because they got Heart , Skill and most of all Attitude Thanks again.

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    Re: G-men fans /G-men if you read this.

    And remember:"The Honeybadger don't care...".

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