"if i was a NE fan i'd be scared and looking for excuses too tho so don't worry bout it"

That's what had to do with 4 years ago. Since that lucky duke, you and your breathren have been acting all tough and perfect.

Sass from trash won't be tolerated, and you can't use living in NYC as an excuse.

Plaxico Burress predicted the Patriots would only score 14 points, and then Brady (who had 3 rings prior--show a little respect?) shot back and scoffed at that arrogance, Burress got mad like a little *****.

And so did the rest of you.

And it's ludicrous that a guy like Burress who can wear sweatpants at a strip club and let his concealed weapon go off and shot himself not long after that "brilliant victory in the desert" can strut around like he's the greatest player ever.

Yes, the Giants did win in Foxborough, by 4 points. That's called semantics. The Patriots beat the Giants in a regular season game sometime in the 90s. By your logic they should have won 4 years ago too.

Good for David Tyree, but being the answer to a trivia question isn't the most noble of reputations.