[quote user="NYCDBS"][quote user="PatPatson"][quote user="NYCDBS"]I'll tell you why he's nervous.... He is scared to death of the implications of losing tomorrow. The pats haven't won anything since spygate they need this win for validation. That whole "dynasty" is tainted. Too bad, its not going to happen on our watch...[/quote] Ok, so when Chris Canty responded to Brady's comments was he being nervous? By your logic he's being nervous too. Personally, I see it as Canty getting pissy and lashing out over what brady said. He can do that, but he looks no more or less nervous than I purportedly do.[/quote] What??? Can you read? How does my logic parallel Canty being nervous?[/quote]</P>

It doesn't. Pats fans, like this little moron over here, have gotten so sensitive that unless the world is blowing on the Pats collective ****s it's seen as trash talking. There hasn't been anything on either side that really constitutes trash talking this go around, much less the "most trash talking coming from a team" that this **** wad claims. Hell, Brian Billick put anything and everything said this week to shame when we played the Ravens in the SB, when he called us the "worst SB team in NFL history." Now that's trash talk. </P>

Saying we're going to be playing on Sunday and having a parade on Tuesday isn't trash talk. Being a WR and saying that you hope a WR playing as a CB will cover you isn't trash talk. Saying that Brady isn't god isn't trash talk. Saying when you watched film that you saw Brady let the pressure get to him isn't trash talk.I guess it is to pantywaist Pats fans.</P>

But, this dumbass has his panties all in a knot because we're (our team and our fans) aren't cowering and genuflecting in front of the almighty Patriots.</P>

Hey, PatPatson, go grab a washcloth and clean the sand out of your vag.</P>