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Thread: OL Strategy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by huckleberryeli View Post
    It has been well documented that flowers is unteachable. I think 11mm on the second best ot in football is money well spent when your team is trying to win in the next two years. There is no chance the giants win the superbowl with flowers at lt unless he makes major strides in year 3 which I doubt bases on the numerous reports of his uncoachability. But lets agree to disagree.
    Show me a link where a member of the Giants staff stated this?
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    No Giants staff memeber would state it but look at the draft profiles like below:

    This was leading up to the draft when his complete lack of technique under art kehoe who is considered one of the best oline coaches in college football


    Another anonymous NFL line coach took it a step further, calling Flowers' technique "terrible" and implying he's uncoachable.

    “He played for one of the best coaches, Art Kehoe, and his technique was terrible,” said another coach. “That tells me he doesn’t take coaching well. That’s a big problem because all of the recent tackles have struggled making the transition. It now takes them until Year 3. You can thank the spread and the [collective bargaining agreement] for that.”

    Then he had Pat Flaherty and Mike Solari who are considered great oline coaches and hasnt shown a bit of improvement in technique. I would bet 50% of the coaching effort goes to him and nothing to show for it. Just saying

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