<font size="6">1. The Patriots cheated again! They record all using hidden microphones on our bench to hear the play calls!

2. The refs gave us the Patriots the game! Every important call that swung the game in the Patriots favor was an obviously blown and biased call FOR THE PATRIOTS. THEY MUST HAVE PAID THE REFS.

3. The NFL stands for the National FIXED League. Roger Gooddell paid off the refs to make calls AGAINST THE GIANTS!

4. Oh, the Giants didn't come to play today. Any other day, they'd have beat the Pats. But not this day. The Patriots didn't win the Superbowl. The Giants LOST IT TO THEM.

5. Eli Manning wasn't the ELITE QB we all expected him to be! He's a big choker! He gave the game away. We should cut him and get his equally big choker brother!