<font size="6">Listen Giants fans. It's payback time for 2008 and for
week 9! It's payback for all of that NY Giants trashtalk saying how the
Giants will win the Superbowl, how Tom Brady will "feel the phantom
pressure", how the Giants "expect to win the Superbowl". Enough of all of these ridiculous comments about how the Giants played and beat better competition. Enough of this talk of how Eli is "elite", how their receiving corps will take advantage of the weak Pats' secondary. Enough talk of how the Giants' D are in Tom Brady's head. That's all ridiculous talk. The Patriots have revenge on their minds. The defense is VASTLY improved since the last time these two teams met. And their offense will be firing on all cylinders against the overrated Giants' D.

GET READY FOR A PATRIOTS VICTORY! It will be an upset, but only to NY GIANTS fans who failed to see the plain and simple truth that the Patriots are and have always been the better team all along!