Haha. don't you know what happened to you? Every team has teams that it
doesn't match up well with. Right now we don't like to play the Saints,
and before that Minny. Some players kill teams. Eli tried his best to
put Sharper in the HoF. Life is quirky like that. Anyway we're your
Daddy. Eli is a NE killer. You drew your only bad matchup. So get me a
beer from the fridge ***!

Peyton cursed Tom Brady, BB, and NE.
You will never win a SB while Eli is in the league. The best part is Eli
could never make it into the HoF without 2 SB wins over great
opponents. The greater the opponent the greater the victory. so thanks!
And next time you make it to the SB, you can expect to see us!!!