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    game clock !!!!!

    im over here screaming at my wife why are we not killing the clock on first and goal from the 4 yard line...and we throw two incompletions and 5 seconds off the game clock later we do the run to ware.....lol really???????? this one's on coughlin.

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    Re: game clock !!!!!

    Team playing behind again... Priority was to tie the game first, not to run out the clock...

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    Re: game clock !!!!!

    priority is to win the game. secondly, you want to call a game that gives you the best CHANCE of winning. which means keeping greenbay off the field. we were running effectively late, should of punched it in, at least 2 run 2pass if it went down to it. to not acknowledge that good game clock management is not an effective and necessary strategy is just nieve.

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