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    I HATE that this game starts so late.

    4:00 games are bad enough. Sunday and Monday night games are worse. But most regular season games you have your other weekend activities (chores, errands, etc.) to take up the slack. I can't even imagine how it is for the players. For the ones who were able to sleep at all last night, they've probably been up since 6:00 this morning.

    Today, all I'm doing is waiting for the game to start. Even if I'm doing something else, all I'm really doing is waiting.

    I have watched every single Super Bowl, with the possible exception of Super Bowl I (which I don't remember). There was a time when the game started at 3 or 4 but I don't remember how long ago that was; probably back in the '70s.

    Every year, the game starts later and later. Used to be 6PM. Then it was 6:23 (meaning 6:35). Now, they say it's 6:30, which means about 6:45, after the National Anthem.

    Again, it has to be the worst on the players.



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    Re: I HATE that this game starts so late.

    I am glad it is finally going to start. LOL Like you I have waited and waited just like everyone else. Go Giants.

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    Re: I HATE that this game starts so late.

    Don't forget it is a national audience. A 3 PM EST start would be 12 noon on the west coast. Not exactly a good time for one of the biggest games.

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    Re: I HATE that this game starts so late.

    you should try living in the UK ......watching the NFL for 35 years .......i reckon ive had 127 nights of NO SLEEP AT ALL watching the Giants over my lifetime

    ( 11.30 pm kickoff tonight )

    Non Omnis Moriar

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    Re: I HATE that this game starts so late.

    I get up at 4....and I have to face 2 very arrogant Patsy fans right away. If we lose, tomorrow is going to really really suck!

    I stopped fighting my inner demons. We're on the same side now.

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    Re: I HATE that this game starts so late.

    2 week wait is way to long for the game. How many ways can you beat a dead horse?

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