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    Quote Originally Posted by That Guy Rich View Post
    I would be ecstatic to have Big hank back. "Watkins and Brantley are good DT's" not imho, Hankins I agree is a good DT. But I hear you if there was a Warren Sapp great run stopper and pass rusher I would take him also. But I'm more than happy having hank in my D line. He could make it best D line in league along with best secondary. D would be a monster.
    Watkins and Brantley are the top 2 DTs in the draft this year.....

    Im fine with getting Hankins back, but I feel like a penetrating 3 Tech would be a better fit next to Snacks
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    Hankins' agent is probably getting calls from teams, and they ask them what Hank wants. The agent says $10 mil/yr, and the team says OK, call us when you get closer to $5 mil/yr. The lack of interest at $10mil doesn't mean there isn't going to be a demand when the price falls. All it means is that no team has gotten stupid so far and paid him that ridiculous amount. He's probably getting closer to the Giants ball park; but he isn't there yet. I think he'll be snatched up before he gets down to a level the Giants are willing to pay. Bottom line is that Hank really isn't any closer to staying just because he hasn't been picked up yet. If he's still out there on draft day, then he may be available at a bargain price. We'll see.

    If there's one position that former Giants have done very well at in FA, it's DT. Cofield and Joseph went to other teams and did very well.

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