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Thread: RBs starting to take visits

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    Quote Originally Posted by TEM View Post
    I agree with everything you said. I am a huge DRC fan. He's arguably the best slot corner in the league. The DRC deal did not at this point produce a Trophy. If that is not the goal with every big contract FA accusation then the GM needs to be replaced. Again it does not make him a cap wizard because he signs a top player. I loath Belichick but I have to hand it to him, he can manage funds to build a winning team consistently . IMO He is the definition of a cap wizard.
    Bellicheck gets anyone he wants at a discount though lol

    And he's a better coach then GM, I've been saying for years that team wins with play calling that's how they've built this dynasty

    I'm just talking about manipulating numbers here, it's not that we simply signed Cro (we've signed bigger deals than that) but we signed him to that big deal when everyone around the giants was saying we were out if cap room kinda like right now, granted that may not even be Reese, in fact it's prob not.. Bellicheck and Reese are football guys they don't really handle much of the finances they have a team of people dedicated to that but the GMs are the ones employing them so I give him the credit lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by gibril28wilson View Post
    i dont want to go off the on the Reese tangent or anything. And i agree obviously EA was a HUGE part of the 07 team, he built the foundation. But to try and take credit away from Reese is ridiculous. He had 7/8 draft picks contribute that year, he got Strahan back that year, he let go of Pettiguot which enabled Coughlin to move Deihl to LT that year, he signed Kawika Mitchell, he resigned Sean Ohara that year, he also cut injury prone Lavar Arrington and Carlos Emmons ( -_- dark times at LB lol)

    i could easily make the argument that the Giants DONT win in 2007 without Jerry Reese being GM.

    sorry just wanted to put that out there. always annoys me people saying 07 was EA and not Reese. It was both of them combined that made 07 happen for us.
    And if you traveled back in time 1000 years and stepped on an ant I'd be black lol obviously Reese had a hand in it, I was just saying that team was more built by EA than Reese, the most crucial pieces were mostly EA, Reese could've done whatever he liked but no Eli no SBs, I do believe EA would've gotten at least 1 if he stayed but we will never know, I don't think Reese is a bad GM at all I just prefer EA, not by a huge margin though.. which is about as good a compliment as I can give to Jerry cause i LOVE EA

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    Peterson is washed up......dont want him

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueClue View Post
    Peterson is washed up......dont want him
    Yeah why get Peterson when you can get a 270 pound eddie lacy, he can play tackle and rb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueClue View Post
    Peterson is washed up......dont want him
    Why aren't you gloating about John Jerry right now?

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