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    What are you eating!!!

    Getting some pizza

    ice cream

    chips & dip

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    Re: What are you eating!!!


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    Re: What are you eating!!!

    pizza and chips!

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    Re: What are you eating!!!

    Pizza,wings,garlic knots, chips with the best buffalo dip ever! And booze

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    Re: What are you eating!!!

    Why.... you hungry?
    "You killed my family, and I don't like that kind of thing."

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    Re: What are you eating!!!

    [quote user="giants-_-"]Getting some pizza

    ice cream

    chips & dip[/quote]
    Same here all those plus a big pot of Stew
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    Re: What are you eating!!!

    Molson XXX, my son made some kickass chicken wing dip, salsa (in cruz's honor) and when the GMEN win, lemon drops and dancing naked in the middle of my neighborhood!!!! I'm a wiseass!!!

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    Re: What are you eating!!!

    Chinese food. Not your typical Super Bowl menu, I know lol

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    Re: What are you eating!!!

    Having chips and salsa, also picked up some wings and BBQ chicken. Going to be great!

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    Re: What are you eating!!!

    Chicken with rice.

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