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    Position you'd be least excited about drafting in the first round

    I feel like Jerry has a knack for drafting a position that I not only don't see as a need, but sometimes it's not even close. So what position would that be for you? What position would you be disappointed if we drafted.

    For me it has to be CB. I have seen a bunch mocked in that latter part of the 1st and I just hope Jerry doesn't nab one and call him the BPA. I have a weird feeling he might.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yo Alb View Post
    What position would you be disappointed if we drafted.
    Easy answer for me - QB

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    Yeah it has to be Qb for me too. I saw Deshaun Watson mocked to us a few times and it made a bit queasy.

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    P, K, CB, WR even though there looks like there will be some good WRs there. Everyone else I'm good with. Lot of similarly talented guys this year.

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    WR would be my least favorite.

    I'd be okay with Corner. We've struggled with depth in that group in the past, so I can at least reason that pick to myself.
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    Any player that is not ready on day 1
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    QB and WR I think are the only things I really don't want. CB to a lesser degree but we can always use more. Anything else is on the table 100% imo.
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    Any DB position. That's it.

    I'd be absolutely fine with QB, especially if Mitch were to fall to us. I think he's the ideal prospect to have sit behind Eli for a few years. He can make all the throws and has athleticism to create when needed.
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    DE, CB

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    Quote Originally Posted by BleedBlue15 View Post
    Easy answer for me - QB
    Well needing O line help any other positions for me. Unless the top 3 that can help us are gone gen I would be okay with BPA even if it were Watson lol
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