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    The hurry up offense.

    With their star TE hurting, how would the Patriots be able to run the hurry up offense? I mean if they did you would have to think their star TE would not be much of a factor. He is nursing a bad injury and he has not been practicing. He would not be conditioned for the hurry up offense.

    Also, wouldn't it be good for the Giants to use the hurry up offense against the Patriots? They are not as deep on the DL as the Giants and their best DL player would be winded by the second quarter. Their secondary would also just be completely winded chasing the Giants WR's.

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    Re: The hurry up offense.

    I agree. I know why the Patriots would use hurry up offense but it would also hurt to rush Gronk with that ankle.

    I really don't think it matters whether Giants use hurry up or not on the Patriots defense. I feel comfortable with the Giants offense either way.

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