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    Quote Originally Posted by BleedBlue15 View Post
    never seen people get so bent out of shape over a backup QB
    Only here........

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    Quote Originally Posted by SG88 View Post
    Only here........
    Thank God!!

    This thread reminds me of a picture I found a few years ago.

    I stopped fighting my inner demons. We're on the same side now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tdawg1413 View Post
    I said Eli played scared for 1 game. Actually reading things helps. And in no way am I saying Geno is in any way a threat to Elis job. It is good to have a backup with game experience and a guy that has played well for stretches.
    The irony here is off the charts.. 1 - You said Eli played scared in 1 game, but I never specified any number. Doesn't matter how may games you said, the point is that you said Eli played scared and then turn around and say Geno had success running an NFL offense. Saying Geno had any success running an offense or as an nfl qb is ludicrous. He's done zero, zilch, caused clubhouse issues and played terrible on the field.

    And 2, where/when did I accuse of of saying that Geno is a threat to Eli's job?

    And you accuse me of glossing over your post and not reading properly? Like I said earlier hilarious.

    Quote Originally Posted by tdawg1413 View Post
    Jeez, Eli homers are so threatened by anything having to do with him. Anyone with a functioning brain should realize that Geno is not a threat to the starting job.
    You were obviously flustered and instead of calmly replying you lashed out by calling me an insecure Eli homer with a low IQ and tried to gain approval from MS by engaging him into our conversation.

    We can talk football without the other banter if you want.
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