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    Quote Originally Posted by Eliordie View Post
    Kennard and Robinson is all we need there, both are young and neither are bank breakers.. Kennard is still on his rookie deal you know..

    This draft should be focused on the offense we've only added 1 significant piece to a unit that was absolutely pitiful, resign Robinson and the D is championship caliber as is, we don't need GREAT LBers on this defense, the DLine and secondary are both phenomenal, all we need is 2 serviceable LBers who can cover in our nickel base set, Robinson and Kennard fit the bill perfectly
    Kennard is a FA at end of this year. So is Casillas.

    So basically at the end of 2017, Goodson is the only LB under contract. They need a LB in either the 1st (Foster, Red****), 2nd (Cunningham, McMillan, J. Davis) or 3rd (Duke Riley).

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    I would love to see him resigned and most of our defense from last year intact...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eliordie View Post
    I don't get it, good coverage linebacker in a league where they are very valuable AND hard to find

    Go take some of this new money and bring him back, I really like Hassan Red**** but id much rather bring back KRob and be able to spend our 1st rounder on an olineman
    Injuries. Last year was the first time he as healthy all year, I believe. Which, to me, makes me hope we don't overpay if we bring him back.
    NFL Draft (Realistic Hope):

    Rd 1
    Garrett Bolles - OT
    David Njoku - TE
    Zach Cunningham - OLB

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