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Thread: Hankins update

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eazy E View Post
    Maybe they are itching to pull offer because Mangold has been waiting on hold through the weekend
    God I hope not. We need a T much more than another interior lineman.

    Clady or Dunlap would be nice.

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    What/Who are the best DT FA's still available if we pull the Hankin's offer and look elsewhere?

    Marks (Jaguars)
    Dorsey (49ers)
    Jean-Francis (Skins)

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    Quote Originally Posted by GameTime View Post
    why wouldnt they just look at their hours an hours of game and practice film? 'Why should any pro team need of use PFF??
    Because watching the hours and hours of game and practice film on every possible free agent and draft prospect would take lots of time.

    To answer NAVY2323 question. Yes some teams have a direct relation with PFF, that is pretty much why/how they exist. I doubt it is the end all be all of decisions for them, but is probably used along with film and scouts.

    I feel bad for Hank. His people filled his head with notions he would sign some monster contract and it didn't happen. I hope he takes our offer and comes back. He is a big body run stuffer and also has posted nice sacks in the past.
    LT (132.5) -> Strahan (141.5) -> Osi (65) -> Tuck (60.5) -> JPP (50) -> ???
    "Next man up"

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYGfanNC View Post

    Hard for me to copy/paste a tweet but to sum it up. Giants have an offer in the table, he wants more, no ones offered, Giants want an answer.

    Edit: hard to copy a tweet from my phone.
    they should lower it or move on,

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    Peko got 2 years 7.5 million. giants shouldn't pay too much more than that.

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    Giants offer per inside info from BBI is $7 million per year

    Their offer is $7 million
    Brandon Walsh : 10:23 am : link
    per year.

    1 and 7
    hitdog42 : 10:45 am : link
    was made before JPP

    not sure where we stand post JPP

    "Once a Giant, ALWAYS, a Giant."

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbluejeep8888 View Post
    Im not sure about pff but hankins sure did not pass the eye test to me. Harrison has twice as many tackles than hankins did last year. I'm not sure how hankins can say he is worth more than Harrison.
    Harrison is the best DT in the NFL No one is worth more.

    Remember Albert Haynseworth and his $100M from the Redskins? Hahaha

    Snacks is the best value contract in the NFL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GameTime View Post
    why wouldnt they just look at their hours an hours of game and practice film? 'Why should any pro team need of use PFF??
    People get lazy. It's like cliffnotes. Bad cliff notes though.
    Spin that Webb young Davis

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    Quote Originally Posted by NAVY2323 View Post
    I will say that I wonder if NFL FO's have any interest in metrics like PFF when analyzing players. I only ask because according to PFF(hardly an NFL bible to me) Hankins was not a good player last year. That's especially interesting because of the quality of players surrounding him.
    The fact that he had such great players around him and didn't show more dominance might be an issue. Snacks routinely took on doubles so some might wonder why he didn't do better and likely won't pay him due to that. He needs to realize that he has 3 potential All-pro lineman with him and should sign the Giants offer. We will likely get much more down the road if it all works out as planed.

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