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Thread: Anything that is writen like this in Dallas is a plus in my book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by giantsfan420 View Post
    I have a lot of difficulty accepting the number of people who are unable to understand we had the worst tackles in all of football literally and the lt was by some margin.

    What that means and I'm guessing where the break down is occurring in the forming of their pov, is that on passing plays when the tackle play is crucial above all really (hence lt being highest paid position after qb) we are going to have hurries pressure and sacks regardless of the interiors level of play.
    If the interior pancake and drive their assigned target to the ground through the whistle, but flowers or Hart struggles, the play is going to be negated really.

    An ol is a unit which plays as a whole but all it takes is one of the links to break down to catastrophically disrupt a play. We had the lt and RT who conceded the most pressures hits hurri3s and had the shortest time on avg to deliver the ball.

    For me, this makes it so abundantly clear the relevance it has on a pass game and how the offense will suffer as a result

    Remember flowers shoving the reporter? There's a reason he was frustrated: he play was poor and he was dragging down the entir3 offense.

    Unrelated note I believe Mac and Co are trying desperately to keep his confidence up otherwise he will fully bust beyond any question ..
    Very well said!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarcasman View Post
    I get it, I just don't see how a team that succeeded at dictating nothing last year is all of a sudden going to start dictating stuff this year. It's largely the same team and just as importantly, the same HC.
    Adding a TE/FB and a receiver that can chip a LB is a big step for improvement. If the theories that Fluker is not an upgrade in talent are true. More bodies that can hit someone to open up the running game will make a difference.

    Last year we did not have a FB. There were questions to how will Donnell respond coming of neck injury.
    Both were problems . The TE situation was just an all around blocking nightmare. Add the Whitlock situation, that is 2 pieces that that had an affect on the outcome of games. The rest of the Offensive blocking components , the staff knew what they had.

    The Giants don't have those questions so far this season. Reese has addressed some of the missing aspects to help move the ball on the ground. From what I see so far the most pressing issues in the much needed blocking help have been addressed so far in FA. Not big moves but moves the will make a difference . Now lets see what is added with the Draft.

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