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Thread: Power back

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    The Giants may be better served to draft a young battering ram at this point. Let him make a name for himself by calling first downs on 3rd and 1 the way the Babe called home runs. The Giants absolutely need a short yardage back especially considering the QB sneak and naked boot are not in the playbook at this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giggling View Post
    Him or Joe "knock out" Mixon PLEASE. Both STUDS.
    Yeah, except that hitting-a-woman-while-on-video tape thing may cost Mixon a few rounds, and in light of Giants hanging onto Josh Brown so long after learning of his wife beating, I suspect Mara won't want to get near him. I hope Perine will be available

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg View Post
    Are we gonna sign a power back or what? We should at least kick the wheels on Blount!
    Were not up to him yet. Big Hank, and then apparently Nick Mangold. Then next maybe Blount.

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