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IMO having JPP and OV locked up to big long term deals and this being a deep DE class makes it the perfect time to take a DE. Let's say we wiff and the guy stinks, while it is bad the loss is mitigated by the fact we have two all star DEs already. Let's say he is the next coming of Strahan. Well then we have three stud DEs for 4 years at the end of which one of JPP/OV is cut loose and the next coming DE is signed long term.

I personally don't think we go DE in round 1 though. I think the drop off from round 1 and 2 is not that steep and we can still get some players. I think the BPA will be from another position like OL, LB, RB or possibly TE...I won't rule out a safety either.
Agreed. This could be one of the deepest DE classes Ive ever seen. So many guys with either great production, excellent size/speed measurables, or both. With that said, Giants likely know this and could still get a good one in round 2 ,possibly 3 or a projectible one thereafter.