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    Underrated, Hidden Gems, Sleepers, & Under the radar in 2017 NFL Draft

    Google any of the above to find loads of prospects.... Who do we like as sleepers?

    Showing up on more than one list via google, or ones that i've seen a bit of there highlights myself on youtube or whatever etc.

    here are a few to start:

    George Kittle TE (see the thread on this forum)
    Davis Webb QB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwjtrjXdEhU
    Brian Hill RB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fm_RWFHPd3s
    QB | Alek Torgersen | Penn
    Paul Magloire | Arizona LB

    ................ What say you guys!
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    Joshua Holsey is a guy I'd target as an UDFA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jmulroy99 View Post
    Joshua Holsey is a guy I'd target as an UDFA
    good one! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWgNS14lqUQ

    runs a 4.4 and can cover, and can hit.... could be a great UDFA, if he does in fact go undrafted that is. https://giphy.com/search/thumbs-up

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    u got me to look at the other guy on that team too....

    rudy ford, safety and kick returner,.... looks like a winner as a kick returner

    He claims he consistently runs a 4.2 40!

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    If we draft Kittle, we have to get a Jonas Seawright/Chuck Norris thread going for him.

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    Aaron Jones.


    7.7 yds per carry. Led all of the college backs. Love the way he refuses to be tackled. He is a fighter, with good speed. Not as pretty as dalvin or mccaffrey, but the dude is a football player man.

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    Marlon Mack. WOW! Just watch some of the the tape. Dude is straight up for real.


    7.1 Yards per carry. He will be the steal of the draft if you ask me.

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    Those 2 RBs are the only ones in the runing back class with Yards per carry that high.

    Dalvin Cook and Mccaffrey are in the 5 to 6 ypc range.. fournetter is 6.2 i think or something..... There must be a reason they got so many more YPC than the other guys that are supposedly better. More than 7 (SEVEN!) YPC is cr***zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy good It seems to me.

    What is the reason? I suspect those guys could be bigtime sleepers. Bot really fun to watch.

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    I'd say my late round sleepers would be

    Ejuan Price, Pitt, DE/LB
    Tedric Thompson, Colorado, FS
    Jeremiah Ledbetter, Arkansas, DT
    Damien Mama, USC, OG
    Jalen Reeves Maybin, Tennessee, OLB
    James Onwualu, Notre Dame, OLB
    Jordan Evans, Oklahoma, MLB
    Jayon Brown, UCLA, LB

    Are a few late round/undrafted sleepers I'm digging
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    Mack Hollins, WR UNC, big and fast, perfect rd 7 gamble

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