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Thread: Forget about Njoku

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    Quote Originally Posted by compaqnigg View Post
    They played 1 game in 2016 and 1 in 2015.

    Here's Cam holding Myles at the 1:59 mark. Myles beats him inside: https://youtu.be/oNQjPMvJUps?t=1m59s
    Nice slip by Myles to evade Cam 13:23. https://youtu.be/oNQjPMvJUps?t=13m23s
    Cam completely whiffs and falls on the ground (QB passed very quickly): https://youtu.be/oNQjPMvJUps?t=14m39s

    The majority of the plays were ran away from Myles. Almost every run that was ran to the outside of Myles was stopped for a loss (Cam's side).
    Link of specific plays: https://youtu.be/oNQjPMvJUps?t=18m44s
    There's more plays but they were towards the beginning of the game. Almost every run up the middle or to the opposite side of Garrett was ran for gains.

    The QB was getting the ball out VERY quickly in that game too and running away from Myles' side. I will admit that Cam looks really good in run blocking though. He's a mauler for sure. He manhandled Myles on several of the early runs in the game up the middle and a couple ran near his side. But the running backs didn't dare try going outside on many runs. Like I said earlier, when they did that the majority of the time they were stopped for losses. But as the game progressed Myles was shedding the blocks, getting by Cam, but Alabama's playbook helped eliminate Myles getting to the QB.

    Cam put some nice blocks down though. I'll admit that! This one is really nice, as he gets to the second level: https://youtu.be/oNQjPMvJUps?t=21m07s
    I'm impressed with Cam in the run game and he can look very solid on passing plays too. The majority of the time the QB is moving away from Myles to give him a massive disadvantage so its tough to see how good Cam is. All he has to do is delay Myles for a split second and he has no hope of being a part of the majority of the plays in that game.

    Money talks. You don't pay someone 3 million dollars and have him sit on the bench. He's the 3rd highest paid OL on the team this year. He's starting for sure. The question is where is he starting? Guard or RT?
    Lots of 1st and 2nd round picks on that line. Lets hope they gel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TAILGATIN' View Post
    It's def a weak OT class. Some of the guys you mentioned aren't half bad and there's some talent to be found here and there, but in comparison to previous years, this year drops off fast after the first 3-4 guys and it's about as meh as can be. Any analysist will confirm that.
    Oh yea, the OT class is pretty weak, but the OG and C class is decent. Only OT'S that I like are Dawkins who is a RT/OG and Garcia who is a project LT. There are no clear cut clean LT prospects like previous years though
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