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Thread: Potential NFL history do-over

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    Potential NFL history do-over

    Back in 84 the Eagles almost moved to Arizona. Now what do you think the NFL would have looked like had that happened.
    The Jets instead of moving to Giants Stadium located in New Jersey would have moved to Philadelphia.
    Where would the Cardinals, and Browns, and Oilers, and Rams have moved to had this happened?
    OK, I'll show what I think would have happened
    Cardinals move to Baltimore. Baltimore Cardinals
    Browns move to Memphis Become the Tennessee Titans
    Oilers move to St.Louis and become the St.Louis Spirits
    Rams move to Charlotte NC, and become the Charlotte Rams
    Cleveland still gets a new Browns team. 99 expansion/rebirth
    Jacksonville, and San Antonio get the 95 Expansion teams.
    Texans still join in 2002
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