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Thread: Would you be mad if the GIANTS take Joe Mixon in the 3rd?

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    IN OUR VIEW: Mixon was reportedly given a first-round grade from the NFL Advisory Committee but this is based entirely on his play with no consideration given to his criminal history. Mixon will almost surely be selected much lower and perhaps even slip out of the draft entirely. Adding him to the roster would be a public relations nightmare but so too is trying to stop this dynamic athlete in the open field.

    Good article on Mixon


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    Quote Originally Posted by TAILGATIN' View Post
    Mixon not drafted and an UDFA? Whoever wrote that should be a weatherman, that's crazy talk
    I sent the link that states late round or out of the draft all together


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    The Giants are not drafting him.

    And P.S., they're not drafting Chad Kelly either.

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    I would be ecstatic if that happened.....

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    I haven't heard anything the 49ers taking Mixon. The new regime i doubt very much with there past record (A.Smith, R. McDonald, B.Miller and Brock) they go in that direction. Mixon is from Pittsburg, CA., in th Bay Area.

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    I don't see Mixon lasting far into the second if he gets out of the first. He is way too talented. One team or another will grab him. just too good to pass up, and you can justify his actions if you look at it in certain lights. It's quite different than the Ray Rice incident, or Hardy's. I don't see the Giants taking him though.

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    mixon would be incredible,,if the giants picked him id be ok with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brownelvis54 View Post
    I sent the link that states late round or out of the draft all together

    that was written 3 months ago. it is dated. Mixon is projected to be more than likely a 2-4 round pick.

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    if the Giants took him i wouldnt be mad at all and i would root for him all the time. He'd be a Giant i back all Giants.

    If they took him they clearly feel he's more than matured enough and that he is worth the risk. If they feel that way i cant be mad, they know much more about him than i do.

    with that said, i dont think there's any chance at all the Giants touch him even if he was there in the 7th or undrafted.

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    Never going to happen after the Josh Brown stuff which we kinda escaped because we still went on to have a good season BUT if the Giants did not have a Winning season you would've heard more about how poorly the Josh Brown Situation was handled

    So Ruben Foster failed test is one thing but a guy loading up on a Woman, NO New York and having to deal with the New York Media is not where the kid deserves his second chance absolutely NOT!

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