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Thread: As draft day approaches, a friendly reminder that we're not very good at drafting

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    Quote Originally Posted by barran21 View Post
    Charley Casserly Former SB winning NFL GM, just now on NFLN said drafting is an *educated guess*
    Doubt anyone said or would say different.
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    Quote Originally Posted by giant-4-life View Post
    anyone saying anything positive about Perry Fewell needs to be tarred and feathered.

    His scheme CONTRIBUTED to a SUPER BOWL team.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CRF11504 View Post
    He could have hired any defensive coordinator he wanted. He chose to hire one that ran a conservative, reactionary, read-and-react Cover 2 prevent-style defense between-the-20's
    then why did he hire Spags in 07?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gee718 View Post
    I disagree.

    2012 - David Wilson was a good pick, but he caught a bad break. Should we have caught his spine issue pre-draft? Who knows. Rueben Randle was productive and his career stats are probably close to your beloved Victor Cruz....He's still young and still in the league.

    Markus Kuhn -.Hey....He played at least. Jayron Hosely lasted 4 seasons even though he was a bum. So yeah, 2012 sucked,

    2013 - Here is where you lose me. Pugh is pro bowl Caliber. Guys Jonathan Hankins is a good DT despite his free agency woes. Who here wouldn't be happy to have him back? Damontre Moore is still in the league. He had the skills but his mind was suspect. Nassib did what he was drafted to do and we never used him. Can't call a guy not needed a bust.

    2014 - ODB....Win....Richburg, you are way off base. Great center who played injured. Considered a pro bowl snub in 2015. Bromley may be your new starting DT, Kennard is a starting LB and Berhe is Berhe.

    2015 - Flowers is playing out of position, Landon is a GIANT. Found a starting OL in the 7th, Thompson is an injury bust that we reached for, but he was already replaced with Adams...an UDFA. Some drafts just don't have good players.

    2016 - Great draft, top to bottom...even UDFA's Adams and Okwara
    Thompson was drafted in 2016. he's a bust because he had a freak lins franc injury? good grief.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giant303 View Post
    Thompson was drafted in 2016. he's a bust because he had a freak lins franc injury? good grief.
    mykkele thompson

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