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    Undrafted NY Giants Edition

    Is anyone excited as me to actually see who our Undrafted free agents are, because it seems every year we get better players and starters from our Undrafted Class than our actual drafted class.

    People I like to see:

    Hunter Dimick DE
    Damian Mama OL
    Elijiah Lee LB

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    Matt breida best UDFA IMO

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    I like the UDFA period a lot.
    There are always some gems to be found there.
    No one remembers who came in second.

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    Andreas Knappe OL

    another one


    the dude is 6'8" could be a monster steal
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    Chad the swag kelly of course

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    Kofi Amichia OT

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    Let's see the list of UDFA that have been good players for the Giants....

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    A Guard is still there.. 135. Jessamen Dunker, OG, Tennessee St.

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    Amba Etta-Tawo still available

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