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Thread: DJ Ware....

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    DJ Ware....

    Sigh, keep him out the ****ing game.

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    Re: DJ Ware....

    WHY the hell was he out there......... wtf
    "Once a Giant, ALWAYS, a Giant."

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    Re: DJ Ware....

    Because as Deion Sanders calls Jacobs, "the tiptoe burglar" and wanted to call him during the Niners game to remind him he's 6'4" 265. The guy barely can fall forwards for a yard.

    Bradshaw, love his heart but he breaks a good run once in every 50 touches, maybe?
    The Giants need a bona fide running back.

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    Re: DJ Ware....

    Cause he gets the yardage a good RB should get from a play. Go Dware

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    Re: DJ Ware....

    The amount of *****ing you guys do about Ware is ridiculous.

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